Umbraco user control not updating

) ( sorry, I'm not aware of any solution or work-around ... It is using the same namespace, in the form: Company Name. Repeatable steps to resolve the issue appear to be: 1.but that information might help in the diagnosis ) Dear grundt, I presume, based upon the dates of your original and last posts, that this problem may well be long-gone. Erase the entire contents of the affected designer file and save the empty file.For those that have been following the Umbraco Roadmap closely would have noticed "MVC Support" in the list of features for the upcoming v4.10 (currently in BETA and can be downloaded from codeplex). Other than the standard MVC separation of concerns, one of the main advantages of using MVC is that you will be able to use Razor everywhere and not just in your Macros.

Now that you have Umbraco configured to use MVC we want to get started building a website. The code in the handler explicitly updates the employee-details user control if an employee is selected, or if the current page in the employee list no longer shows the selected employee. Employee ID = @Selected Employee ID" control is raised.After each request the models are discarded and the process repeats for each subsequent visitor. Add some decent traffic and the shear lookup and business logic processing can begin to tax the CPU. ) to an ascx or aspx file, visual studio is supposed to automatically add the definition for that control to the file (associated with that ascx or aspx).

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