Will updating iphone lock it

There are more options in notifications, a clearer control center, and a new lock screen.

Below, read our initial impressions of i OS 10 from back when the public beta of the OS was first released.

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We'll have a full review of it soon — some of the biggest updates involve new apps that you can use in both Siri and i Message, so it didn't make sense to review it without trying those out.

Have you experienced this issue after updated to i OS 9.3?

So you, your child, your grandmother, friends, or any number of loved ones upgraded to the latest version of i OS and all of the sudden it’s asking for a six-digit (or in some cases a four digit) security code to unlock the i Phone or other i Device.

i OS 10 has a laundry list of new features and changes, including a completely revamped messaging platform, the ability to remove some of Apple’s preinstalled apps, and lots of new 3D touch actions. But the thing that’s first noticeable and is going to change how you interact with your i Phone every single time you pick it up is the completely redesigned lock screen.

The trademark slide-to-unlock gesture that’s been a signature of the i Phone’s interface since 2007 is now gone.

Meanwhile, we will prepare you quick fixes to solve i Message/Message Issue After i OS 10 Update as well as a detailed guide to help you retrieve lost but valuable data on i Phone after upgrading to i OS 10.

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