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– Video chat naturally in the kitchen, out in the backyard, or when doing your food shopping. Call any videophone, one-click call, 3G, 4G, or Wi Fi, first mobile VRS app to have a hot button (e.g. – IP-Relay enables people who are deaf or hard of hearing to use an i Phone or i Pod Touch to quickly and easily call people who are hearing.You type your message and a certified IP-Relay operator receives it and voices everything you type to the hearing person.PQChat is a secure instant messaging app that promises to prevent anybody snooping on your conversations.Built with privacy in mind from the ground up, it gives you total confidence that your conversations are staying between you and the recipient.The wonderful irony of procrastination is that you can end up getting quite a lot done, it just tends to be things that aren't exactly important.My Sundays are usually set aside for writing up these apps lists. Because I'm a chronic procrastinator who rewards himself with enormous breaks.

Similar to captions on television, you’ll be able to listen to what you can, and you’ll be able to read what you can’t hear.

Then we have Monday’s surprising news about Steve Jobs‘s new medical leave of absence.

Hefner tweeted the news late yesterday, just a day after we learned Jobs was probably going to be away for about six months, effective immediately.

Every week I promise myself I'll get it done earlier and every week I end up breaking that promise. The important thing is that it still gets done on time.

PQ Chat: Privacy is one of the things we're desperately trying to grab hold of in the post-Snowden world.

And i OS 8 — launching on devices this fall — looks to evolve the story even further.

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