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Have a whisky sour in the company of the President of the US, The Queen of England, Thomas Keller and Steven Spielberg Likes Movie: Risky Business Book: Slaughterhouse-Five (anything by Kurt Vonnegut) T. Show: The Joy Of Painting – with Bob Ross Color: Orange Junk Food: Munchies Snack Mix; Whatchmacallits candy bars; sunflower seeds Favorite Cocktail or Drink: Whiskey Sour: 1 egg white; 1½ ounce Bookers bourbon; 1 part fresh lemon juice; 1 squeeze of lime juice; 1 part Simple Syrup; 3 drops Angostura bitters; shake egg white ‘til frothy; add rest over chipped ice; shake vigorously; strain into juice glass; 2 dashed bitters on top. "Africa" by Toto – Always puts me in a calming place in my head – and a good sing-along! "Freebird" by Lynard Skynard – Classic, legendary – a must have. The Wall by Pink Floyd – ANY song from the album – excellent, takes you away. "Two Tickets to Paradise" by Eddie Money – It’s a moving, traveling song. "California" by Tupac – I’m Californian by osmosis and it makes me feel I am in my home away from home.

Her bio says she's Jay-Z and Beyoncé's personal chef. He updates his Facebook page every few months, but it does not reveal his current employment. Back in 2011, it sure looked like he was going to open a restaurant called Pizza Vinoteca, but it never happened.

Restaurants Opened: Sweet Cheeks What's She Up to Now?

Tiff's been running her BBQ resto near Fenway Park since November 2011.

Find out the finale results on Top Chef last night below in our Top Chef Charleston 2017 spoilers!

Nicknames: None One thing about me that would shock the world about me is ...

"It was when he first moved to Los Angeles, and I think I was ...16? Cher dropped a bomb during an interview with Bravo's Andy Cohen in June 2013: Not only had she hooked up with Tom Cruise when he was just a budding young star in the early '80s, but she could report that he was one of her top five lovers of all time. Let's time-travel back to 1989, when New Kids on the Block wasn't an aging boy band but rather the hottest thing on, well, the block.

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