My dad is dating a gold digger


Find some pretext to get hold of the keepsakes, heirlooms and mementos. This will be invaluable when you begin exposing them. Locate and photograph all the passwords to every account of the elderly relative.

It's natural to worry about an inheritance when an older parent remarries, even when the new spouse is closer in age than Anna Nicole Smith, 26, was to Howard Marshall, 89, who died a year after they wed.

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Editor’s Note: Yesterday, Lovefraud posted a story from a reader whom we’ll call “Maura.” She describes how a female sociopath latched on to her recently widowed father, took over his life, and tried to hasten his demise. Following are tips that Maura and her family learned the hard way.

Then recently I just had my graduation party that she was invited too.

How did an unemployed girl get such an impressive diamond collection? If she doesn’t get what she wants, brace yourself for a temper tantrum from Hades. If you find your new girlfriend going through your files (or trash), abandon ship. DISCLAIMER: It is PROHIBITED by law to use our service or the information it provides to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or for any other purpose subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, et seq.If estranged, find out these family members’ names and the towns where they live and contact them as soon as possible.They will be grateful you called and tell you more about the sociopath’s true nature. The ex will tell you exactly what you are up against. Educate yourself as well as everyone in your family about this disorder. Know the sociopath’s modus operandi and the red flags. Know that behind closed doors your elderly relative will be continuously subject to all their deviant behavior.If she has ZERO interest in a career for herself, but she’s very interested in yours - it's time to question her motives. You call and discover that her phone has been disconnected, but she waltzes into dinner wearing brand new Chanel heels. True story: I once knew a girl who snooped in her man’s trash to find his bank statements!! A gold digger is hell-bent on acquiring wealth, and she’ll do whatever it takes to discover your net worth. If she asks you more than one of these, consider ditching her at dinner: How much money do you make? Instant Checkmate does not provide consumer reports and is not a consumer reporting agency.Pretty quickly your gold-digging gal pal will start dropping hints. A premium background check can reveal if she’s ever filed for bankruptcy. When you're on a first date, there are plenty of reasonable questions she can ask. The information available on our website may not be 100% accurate, complete, or up to date, so do not use this information as a substitute for your own due dilligence, especially if you have concerns about a person’s criminal history.Kanye West was sure to warn the masses about gold diggers for this exact reason. Your devilish date has a bigger sense of entitlement than the Queen of England. To find out for sure, buy her a cheap but thoughtful gift. If she only wants to lavish you with affection after you’ve shelled out for expensive dates and gifts, she’s not interested in anything but your bank account.

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