Dating a girl on the rebound


Now it’s been two days and I’ve heard nothing from him.

I really like this guy and feel there’s a connection, but I’m afraid that if I pursue this I’m going to end up being the rebound no matter what I do.

When someone starts a new relationship immediately after their previous relationship ends, without giving themselves time to recover from the break up, this is known as dating on the rebound.

During this undefined period after the break up you are filled with a mixture of emotions including anger, sadness, denial, bitterness and shock.

Anyway, Jane puts so much time and effort into perfecting everyone else’s weddings, she has no time to work on her own.

A rebound girl is the person that you use to get over your last relationship.

This usually happens when you are in fake closure mode (see Closure).

After a break up you aren’t thinking straight and simply want to fill that gap in your life.

Starting a new relationship is a distraction from reality and is often short lived.

You jump head first into a new relationship, just so that it will ease the pain and loneliness of the relationship you just got out of.

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