Dating takamine guitars


Similarly for those seeking a pre CNC machine Paul Reed Smith you want to find one made before 1995.

Finding the definitive date or year of manufacture is not always going to be possible but this guide will give you a few tips to help you narrow it down.

YYMMDDNN(N) YY is the year MM is the Month DD is the Day NN is the NNth guitar made that day.

So 01020345 would be the 45th guitar made on 3rd of February 2001.

The Guitar Dater Project aims to provide you with the information hidden in your Guitars' Serial number in plain English.

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In the most straightforward of cases the luthier will write his/her name, the date of manufacture and even who the guitar was made for on a label smack in the middle of the sound hole like this: Now we start getting into more serious surgery.Thanks, Mark i recently bought a midnight blue fender strat and when i got it home i saw that it was made in korea. what is the difference between these and the american made fender guitar, and how much is it worth?i gave 300 bucks for it brand new and i want to know if i got a good deal.Dating a G series instrument, however, is not so simple and there is no hard and fast rule.) The Takamine Cool Tube CTP-2 Series two preamp delivers rich and extraordinary tone for acoustic players!Warning: At the bottom of this page is a listing of current Ebay auctions that claim to sell lawsuit guitars.

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