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The Friends’ book sales have become a tradition in Upper Arlington!The Friends accept gently used books, magazines, and other materials, donated by individuals or discarded by the Library, and then resell them to the public.Call (614) 486-0900 to find out how you can get involved!The Friends of the Upper Arlington Public Library was formed in 1977 as a nonprofit organization with membership open to anyone wishing to support the Library.

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If you date him, you could lose her friendship forever. Even if you meet someone to whom you think you have no previous connection, a 10-minute conversation almost always reveals that she went to high school with your college roommate, used to be on a volleyball team with that girl from your book club, and had a six-month stand with your favorite barista.Queers don't tend to expect our dates to come into our lives completely free of prior complication.Today the organization has become integral to the success and growth of the UAPL by promoting the Library system in the community, funding adult and children’s programming, and providing the Library with many thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment.Membership donations and funds raised from book sales have enabled the Friends to buy new shelving, furniture, book drops, computers and even vehicles. As long as you respect her wishes, you won’t lose her as a friend and you’ll know for sure whether to date the ex or not.

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