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One of the reasons that Robert Pattinson never got back together with Kristen Stewart after they broke up last year was because his team advised him against it.Kristen’s reputation was in tatters, and her credibility was down the toilet. Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers, or the Cadillacs, Heartbeats, Flamingos, Moonglows, Five Satins and Harptones, were the street sound of their era, like rap a generation or two later. For a time, a half century ago, some of that music - think "Earth Angel" or "Silhouettes" - made it into the popular mainstream, particularly in New York.Kristen Stewart has discussed her relationship with actor Robert Pattinson – describing their pairing as a “product”.The Twilight co-stars began dating in 2008, before splitting in 2014, with the actress claiming the relationship became “not real life”. It’s not that I want to hide who I am or hide anything I’m doing in my life,” she added.

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“We’ve broken up a couple of times and gotten back together, and this time I was like, ‘Finally, I can feel again’.” The Still Alice star came out earlier this year after allowing herself to be photographed with Cargile.

It turns out Kristen Stewart's love for Robert Pattinson wasn't immortal.

It’s that I don’t want to become a part of a story for entertainment value.” Stewart, 26, and Pattinson, 30, also played onscreen lovers in the Vampire franchise, but their relationship ended shortly after the last film was released in 2012.

Kristen Stewart gushes about girlfriend Alicia Cargile At the time, the starlet was caught in a cheating scandal after photos surfaced of her kissing her "Snow White and the Huntsman," director, Rupert Sanders.

Will Kristen Stewart’s Oscar push for ‘Still Alice’ lead to Robert Pattinson dating her again and the Twilight couple back together?

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