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Hey guys I just inherited a sweet Colt MKIV Series 80 1911 from my uncle.

I'm trying to date it now and the info I am finding just doesn't seem right.

The major changes were a slightly heavier slide and a slotted collet barrel bushing.

From 1970 to 1976 the serial numbers had a prefix of "70G", from 1976 to 1980 they had a suffix of "G70" which changed to a prefix of "70B" from 1980 until 1983 when production ceased.

Includes two 16 1/2" barrels, Pro made 50 round drum magazine, 20 round stick magazine & the standard seve ... Click for more info This Colt M1911 A1 was manufactured in 1945 and remains in factory original condition. Click for more info SEE THE PICTURES OF THIS EARLY 1931 MFG COLT 1911A1 SUPER .38 AUTOMATIC PISTOL SERIAL NUMBER 9878 IN EXCELLENT ORIGINAL 95% FINISH CONDITION WITH ALL ORIGINAL PARTS AND MATCHING SERIAL NUMBER SLIDE. Click for more info This Colt M1911 A1 was manufactured in 1943 and has not been re-worked or re-finished, all parts and finish are factory original. Click for more info • Firearms are subject to pending sales.

This gun has been expertly refinished by Turnbull Refinish ... Click for more info This is a restored .45 caliber Colt 1911 manufactured in 1913. This Colt 1911 comes with one original two-tone magazine, and has double ...

The MKIV Series 70 Government Model Colts were available in blue or nickel plate and were chambered in .45, .38 Super, 9mm and 9mm Steyr (foreign export only).Latest Colt product, M1991A1, also featured Series 80 slide with firing pin safety. When I looked it up at the link below it says it was made in June of 1912 and I just find it hard to believe anyone in my family could have held on to something so cool. I've got no info on the approximate production year for a weapon in the FG360xx s/n range..could definitely be of assistance.------- OH and congratulations, hope you enjoy your .45! hth, at least for starters;) -hanko Hey JBox, Colt actually has an Archiving service that should be able to produce you the information you desire (Date manufactured, whom it was sold to etc.) visit this link Based on what I can find on the internet, the 9x23 chambered Series 80's were only made in a single year: 1997.They were also of the enhanced variety, looking like this: did sell conversion kits though, which I believe consisted of a 9x23 barrel and magazine. " letters stagger rather than being a perfectly straight line, and the serial number is way too high for any gun Colt ever made.Bought what I thought was a Colt series 80 in 9x23 but the serial number has me wondering. It appears that is not the correct serial number for a series 80.

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