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Building ideal for businesses looking to list their property with the clerk of the office.

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Here’s nine words – random to some, but describing a very big chunk of what I’ve been doing for the last few years: Augmented Reality; Sustainability; Heritage; Innovation; Education; Computing; Dunedin; Election. This week the DCC announced the successful Industry Development Fund projects: augmented reality of Dunedin’s […] Dunedin ICT Internship Speed Dating 2010 Originally uploaded by Samuel Mann Last night 22 of our students met with 14 of the city’s IT firms in a bid to secure much sought after summer internships. Last year 24 students from Polytechnic and University got internships and 17 of these resulted […] The campaign is heating up, so here’s an update of coverage (earlier stories). “Farsighted” replies with this: You are joking, right?

The first Test between New Zealand and South Africa stopped dead after an alarm went off in the main grandstand, forcing an evacuation of the entire venue.

In The Virtues of Ignorance Bill Vitek and Wes Jackson (with many contributors from a research camp) argue that a […] Anna Chinn raises the question of Council Policy on fruit trees and community gardens and asks candidates for their opinion and policy.

About 20 minutes were lost to the confusion, with stumps pushed back as a result.

Strange delays are becoming commonplace in Proteas games, with a swarm of bees stopping South Africa's ODI against Sri Lanka last month.

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