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What passes for the gossip column in The Boston Globe mentioned last week that she's now dating Ryan Adams. I remember telling Paul during the Stereo/Mono in-stores that the song was great and he needed to release it. I don't think that cover was ever released, too bad because I bet she did a great version of it. Here's an MP3 for those interested : As Far As I Knowp/s - Love the book.

Did she ever make her version of "As Far As I Know" from that lousy movie available on a CD or mp3 download? I posted a little excerpt from her book re: Paul:"He was tough and street-smart and smart-alecky and rock and roll, but he was also sincere, compassionate, fragile, fractured and tuneful. I don't normally troll around on message boards, but I was looking up something regarding Juliana (I'm a big fan) and came across this thread. Its a pretty interesting memoir and yes the chapter about her love for Paul and The Replacements is wrth it by itself.

Someone emailed me that it contains a chapter about Paul called "My Idol".

Interview with Juliana: saw her at Paul's show at First Act in Boston and she is just stunning in person, like model stunning.

But all anyone wanted to talk about was her fling with Lemonheads pin-up boy Evan Dando.

“Actually, I’m a really good driver,” she says, “but you can exaggerate as much as you want for the story.” Your new video for “If Only We Were Dogs” is amazing.

But I am a lot more confident now than I was then with the first album.

And I had more fun recording this one." When the album's single "Ordinary Guy" premiered on Consequence of Sound on January 14, 2015, the review stated "through distorted guitars and ferocious screams, Hatfield recalls all of the troubles that come with dating an addict.

But when that particular someone makes a song that wholly captures your precise existential angst—as Juliana Hatfield’s blunt, expletive-ridden, chorus-free “My Sister” did mine—you’re downright blissful.

In the song, Hatfield’s fictional sister was simultaneously a “bitch” and “the best.” I also longed for an older sister to take me to all-ages shows, and lamented that I was more “bitch” than “best” to my own lil’ sis.

Hatfield, 47, never stopped putting out solo albums in the intervening years. She went to art school for a year and is pursuing painting, and is also hoping to write another book.

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