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1, 2017 - The tumultuous relationship between President Donald Trump and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has farmers worried about the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement, a trade pact that is regarded highly by much of the agriculture sector. NAFTA, Trump charged, was responsible for luring factory jobs south of the border as U. companies sought cheaper labor while allowing them to ship products cheaply back into the U. One of the first calls Trump made after being sworn in as the 45 president was to Peña Nieto, and the two leaders agreed to talk in person about NAFTA renegotiation. On that same day, Trump spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters that the administration was considering a 20 percent tariff on imports from countries like Mexico to pay for the border wall.Trump made repeated promises on the campaign trail to either renegotiate the agreement with Mexico and Canada or pull the U. That proposal would essentially add on to the so-called “border adjustable” corporate tax that is a part of the House GOP tax plan. Further complicating things and casting an even bleaker prospect for friendly trade talks, Trump reacted in a Tweet that if Mexico was unwilling to pay for the wall, canceling the meeting was probably for the better, and that because of Mexico’s billion trade deficit with the U. ▪ Brian Klippenstein, executive director of Protect the Harvest. ▪ Steve Foglesong, former president of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association. ▪ Charles Kruse, farmer and former president of Missouri Farm Bureau. Kansas farmers, Congressional leaders, hopeful about America's new secretary of ag Perdue Kansas Agland With mountains of wheat piled at elevators not far from his west-central Kansas farm, Ron Suppes is hopeful about America’s next agriculture secretary.A proponent of trade, Suppes and other Midwest farmers want Sonny Perdue to learn more about the needs of Kansas farmers, which includes a solid farm bill and adequate crop insurance. While this is a good start, American business leaders are still waiting for a breakthrough on the economic front. farmers are poised to plant winter wheat on the smallest area in over a century this autumn, as tumbling global prices and fierce competition push the world's former top supplier into retreat. With mounting political pressures at home, Peña Nieto canceled his visit the next day, leaving the prospects for NAFTA talks in the dark. 25 to start construction on a border wall, build detention facilities for illegal immigrants and hire thousands of new border guards.

The Wall Street Journal Donald Trump’s pick to run the U. Department of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue, is a Georgia farm boy with a record of promoting U. meat and crops overseas, with fans in the Farm Belt and agribusiness corporate offices. farm groups, wary about changes to NAFTA but eager to participate in any negotiations, fired off an upbeat letter to Trump. Trump, following up on another campaign promise, signed executive orders on Jan. position in the North American market and look forward to working with the Trump administration on ways to modernize (NAFTA) in ways that preserve and expand upon the gains achieved,” more than 130 farm groups wrote in the letter dated Jan. “In the 20 years since NAFTA was implemented, the U. food and agriculture industry has become increasingly efficient and innovative — growing to support millions of jobs.” But the relationship between Trump and Peña Nieto quickly soured.Here is the most recent list of President-elect Donald Trump's Agricultural Advisory Committee, with information about who they are if it could be found. ▪ Charles Herbster, chairman of the advisory committee, Angus cattle farmer, Falls City, Neb.; owner of The Conklin Company, a chemical marketing-distribution company in Kansas City, Mo., and owner of a cattle breeding operation in Northern Virginia. Alexander, a Republican, former CEO of Atlantic Blue Group, Inc., a rural property company in central Florida, and of Alico Inc., and great-grandson of Napoleon B. ▪ Jay Armstrong, operator of Armstrong Farms, Muscotah, Kan., former chairman of the Kansas Wheat Commission and former chairman of the Farm Foundation. ▪ John Block, former Agriculture secretary, senior policy adviser at OFW Law. “But my wheat is still going to lose out to wheat that has to be on a boat for a week from Canada or two weeks from France.”The reasons for that, according to Keesling, are laws such as the requirement that American exporters receive cash before they are allowed to unload their product in a Cuban port.

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