Problems with rss feeds not updating default global address list not updating


To use the group policy templates you need to add the Outlook policy template to the Group Policy Editor.You can do this one of two ways: Import the Outlook template or Save the Office policy templates to the Policy Definitions folder.Personal folders created after you enable this registry value will not include the RSS folder; however, you will not be able to delete existing RSS folders using the Outlook UI.You’ll need to use a MAPI editor, such as MFCMAPI Editor or Outlook Spy, to hide or delete the folder.A few examples people have been saying is wrong with their console is failure for the Kinect to hear their voice, failure of voice commands, and disc drive problems.If you have experienced problems like these or others please feel free to comment below.By displaying featured images or post thumbnails in your RSS feed (or Feedburner feed) you will make it more accurate, beautiful and more informative, especially if you are showing just excerpts of your posts. Text is boring, give some images to your subscribers.

RSS Feeds can become unsynchronized for a number of reasons, or may even be broken for just one session. RSS Feeds are stored in a folder titled "RSS Subscriptions" in your Outlook folder list. Navigate to the website that you want to subscribe. Rebecca Johnson has been a public-sector technical trainer since 1996.

To output your featured images in your RSS feed, you need to add some code to your file.

Go to your Word Press Dashboard / Appearance / Editor, choose and add this code at the end in new line (make a copy of your file… This hack is working (for Word Press 2.9 and later ) but not immediately, because Feedburner needs to update your changes first.

My statistics shows that subscribers are coming from RSS readers more often if your post have some images.

That trick is working on my blogs, maybe it will work on yours.

More information (and screenshots) is available at Use Group Policy ADMX files in Windows 7 or 8 (non-domain computers)Method 1: Import the Template If you are using the template for one Office application, this method may be the easiest.

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