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I found out about the meeting exactly one business day before it was set to happen. I attended the meeting with CPS because I never trust the government to respect my clients’ rights.The handful of lawyers I asked about CPS matters said it was unusual for attorneys to go to those meetings, but my innocent client in a den of wolves less than a day after her criminal case went away seemed like a recipe for a set-up.Match, EHarmony, Tinder and Zoosk even have web pages specifically dedicated to it.They cover the basics: do not give out personal information, do you research and only meet in public.Buses and trolleys maneuvered through the nearby transportation center.Dozens of people strolled on the street below, some going in the Mad Hatter pub to get brats with fries.

PHOENIX - Over the last three years, the amount of people dating online has increased significantly.On a cool November night last year in Tempe, Ariz., a woman awoke groggy and disoriented on a gray sectional couch, according to a Tempe, Ariz., police report.She lived in downtown Tempe, her apartment located near red-bricked sidewalks, perfectly cut grass and neatly aligned recycling bins.The sum of information available about what happened should have made it obvious to anyone with half a brain that my client did nothing wrong. My client’s innocence notwithstanding, some of the folks over at Arizona Child Protective Services, either lacking half a brain or bored with nothing to do, decided to meddle.“We just want to get your client’s side of things,” they said. My friends are all married or gay men so where do I meet the opposite sex on the east side of Phoenix valley (PV and Scottsdale) preferably?

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