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features, search, payment options and informational pages on Taylor & Francis Online will be unavailable during this scheduled release.Articles will remain available for view or download, where access rights already apply. Specifically, Abbass looks at the increasing trend of British Muslim women opting (and struggling) to marry non-Muslim men. article ‘Halal’ Interfaith Unions Rise Among UK Women.It may not be a big deal for a particular Muslim woman, perhaps, but those around her still tend to make it into a pretty big deal. Hargey is presented as a “progressive” imam who believes that there is nothing that actually prevents Muslim women from marrying men outside the faith and thus performs marital rites for interfaith couple. To marry outside the faith for a Muslim woman can be seen in some communities as equivalent to leaving the faith. In other words – okay, so we know that due to issues of education, age, culture, race, back-home-nostalgia and hyperconsumer marital expectations (and then some), Muslim women are staying single longer, but what the heck are we doing about it? Yet while we’re just having the same conversations diagnosing “the problem,” we seem to be doing very little and talking very little about actual solutions.

Tthe opposition to it has generally been discussed in terms of losing people--the intermarried and their children. Second, Jews who intermarry, and their partners, are often willing to go to great lengths to raise their children as Jews.Since apparently all of us over the ripe age of 20 walk around with visible and obnoxiously loud ticking analog biological clocks, it’s no surprise that the issue of marriage is constantly smacked into our faces as though it is the sole defining moment and relationship of our lives. Unfortunately, as noted in the Abbass article, pushing Muslim women in interfaith marriages outside the community forces them also outside the faith.Marriage for Muslim women, whatever shade of practice, belief and color they come in, is a big deal. What was, however, most interesting in the Abbass article was the particular inclusion of Taj Hargey, an imam at and director of the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford.So distraught was she at the prospect of intermarrying, that she jumped off the roof."Note that the rabbis don't criticize her even though suicide is a sin," the e-mailer wrote meaningfully.A group of suburban Detroit rabbis and religious school directors once refused to speak to me for months simply because I suggested that many people's Hebrew school memories were less than positive.

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