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For five seasons, Tommy was the straight man for Martin’s hilarious jokes and insults, mostly about his bald head. On Martin, Tommy’s comedic foil was Martin’ other best friend Cole Brown (played by Carl Anthony Payne II).

In tribute to Tommy Ford, we present 10 Hilarious “Tommy” Moments on Martin. Geri at the DMV, to him arguing with with Sheneneh to him explaining what “GTD” means, Ford was the perfect comedic sideman on Martin Lawrence’s hit show. At times, Cole showed that he can be very slow at comprehending things, which Tommy was quick to point out on several occasions.

the ‘Whaboom Guy’) the final rose of the night — see what she said After years of bad blood, Katy Perry opened up about her ongoing feud with Taylor Swift during a particularly honest edition of James Corden’s ‘Carpool Karaoke,’ and revealed that she is ready to make up if T.

After some legal tanglings, Campbell would eventually leave the show permanently, and it was soon after that, in early 1997, that Fox dropped the show, for good.

15 years later, there’s been talk about a potential reunion, which I think we’ve written about on this site.

Source: tyesonm26.I dare you to try and think of one, just one, episode of “Martin” that you could classify as your favorite. The Fox show was probably what brought folks home on Thursday nights, and is also one of the few TV sitcoms that many people actually own on DVD, even though it often appears on TV through syndication. Maybe it was crazy Martin Lawrence and his many characters, the silly stories, or just how well the cast meshed together, but this show was THE bomb.

Time to take a walk down memory lane, and also look to the present to see what our favorite cast members and characters from the iconic black comedy are up to now.

“Cole…you stupid” became one of the many funny tag lines from the show.

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