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It was close, but in the end, Eve's shooting skills were too sharp for the rest of the bunch.

She finished Mission 5 in only , beating the second place finisher, Picabo Street, by 27 seconds.

Shortly after Hardy sent in a tape for the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) Amateur Challenge using the ring name High Voltage, a tag team named High Voltage began competing in WCW, causing Hardy to change his name to Surge.

Beginning in 1994, The Hardys wrestled for several North Carolina-based independent circuit promotions and adapted a number of alter-egos.

During an elimination shootout before Mission 4, Eve's gun jammed causing her to nearly get eliminated, but she cleared the weapon and was able to hit her targets just in time to stay in the competition.

Eager to take home the gold, Eve powered through Mission 4, earning her a spot in the final mission where she would compete against the other two finalists, Dean Cain and Picabo Street.

As a tag team wrestler, Hardy is a 12-time world tag team champion, having held six World Tag Team Championships, two WWE (Raw) Tag Team Championships, ROH World Tag Team Championship, one WCW Tag Team Championship, and two TNA World Tag Team Championships (the first man to have held all said titles, followed by Jeff).

Aside from his success as a tag team wrestler, Hardy is a three-time world heavyweight champion, having held the TNA World Heavyweight Championship twice, and the ECW Championship once.

Not everyone on The Real Housewives of New York City is warming up to newcomer Tinsley Mortimer.

Claude Lelouch presents the tale of a World Trade Center tour guide who is on the verge of a breakup with his deaf girlfriend when the terrorist attacks occur.

Yusuf Shahin presents a young American soldier who comes to haunt a famous film producer and they engage in a highly conflicted dialogue.

It's official, Eve Gracie is the winner of the first season of the NBC reality competition, Stars Earn Stripes.

The season finale aired on Monday, September 3, and it was suspenseful to say the least.

After Tinsley noted that she thinks she's received a chilly reception from co-star Bethenny Frankel on several occasions this season, the Skinnygirl mogul slammed the socialite and defended her behavior.

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