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Clark entered local politics in 1974 in Auckland but was not elected to any position.

Following one unsuccessful attempt, she was elected to Parliament in 1981 for the electorate of Mount Albert—a position she held until her resignation in 2009.

And if you’re a member of the Communist Party, a new regulation prohibits you from sexual activity that might “bring the Party into disrepute” via “improper sexual relations” – without any guidance whatsoever on what constitutes impropriety.

Sex work is officially illegal but it’s easily available everywhere, and since 2013 parlors have enjoyed some deregulation.

The call just came." Some 50,000 North Koreans, and possibly many more, are hiding in China, most in cities and villages along the remote 900-mile-long border between the two countries.

The legal age of consent is 14, but teenage pregnancy is very unusual.

In a short flashback, Kate and her mother are seen riding a bus home after the abortion.

After getting off, Kate collapses on the pavement, bleeding from her uterus.

Mei cooks her some special dumplings which she claims to be effective for rejuvenation.

After Mrs Li sneaks a look in the kitchen and sees a foetus being used as an ingredient within her next meal on her visits, she is initially disgusted and runs away, but later comes back.

Mei tells her that the secret ingredient for her rejuvenating dumplings is unborn foetuses imported from an abortion clinic in Shenzhen, where she used to work.

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