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I will just stop here.” Then, BEAST fans curiously commented, “Didn’t Yong Junhyung get a girl friend? But then on June 28th, the scandal with Goo Hara had occurred.The fans commented, “Wasn’t Goo Hara the person Yong Junhyung talked too?But they publicized that they broke up because they are too busy to meet. They said that because of their busy schedule, they could not come up to meet each other easily.After they became not having time together, they decided to break up.

Because both of them are dealing with super busy schedule for their own futures, they might encourage each other as colleagues. See how is ironic that their song matches with Hara's breakup..

What she doesn't know is that Kikwang, Beast member, is her love interest. If anyone manages to see all this they'll be in terrible danger. But will they—Hara, Tiffany, Jessica—find a right love and never turn back?

, “They had a senior/ junior relationship until they began dating. When Hara was going through some difficult times, Junhyung consoled her.

To this FT Island’s Lee Hongki commented, “Is it me? Hongki,” and even added a hesitant laugh with “heoheoheo hahaha You already know who it is.” In addition Lee Hongki wrote, “Yah I’m embarrassed!

and Yong Junhyung wrote back, “Of course Hongki’s phone calls are encouraging gives me a lot of strength, but before you called me….

It is revealed that Kara's Goo Hara and B2ST's Yong Junhyung splited away.

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