Punjab sex online dating pool shrinks younger women


Population of Punjab is growing at a good rate every year from the time of Independence.

The population of Punjab in 1991 was estimated to be 20.19 million.

The major districts under this region are Ludhiana, Bhatinda, Mohali, Sangrur and Patiala.

Their main occupation is believed to be agriculture and its related work.

Punjab is dominated by Sikh/Punjabi community with more than 57% population.

Rest of the population represents Hindu, Muslims, Christians, Jains, and other communities.

They had also rescued six girls who were being forced into the racket.

The two women arrested from Manali, aged 20 and 28, belong to Ludhiana, and are suspected of operating a sex racket in the tourist towns of the hill state with the help of two taxi drivers, also arrested.

It is always a long awaited time and also a dream come true for some women.

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