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It left Ayşegül Terzi, a 23-year-old nurse, with severe facial bruising.The incident was captured on the bus’ CCTV camera which apparently shows an unidentified man standing at the back of the bus.The 22-year-old's body was believed to have been heavily mutilated before her corpse was set on fire, possibly to avoid identification of the perpetrator or perpetrators. More than 200 demonstrators carried banners saying "Justice for Hande Kader" and "Let's fight for our survival" under the supervision of anti-riot police close to the famous Istiklal Avenue near Taksim Square on Sunday."We will not stop until we find those responsible for Hande Kader's murder," Ebru Kiranci, spokeswoman for Istanbul's LGBTI Solidarity Association, said.In her suicide note/video, she begins with: "Today is my most beautiful day. Today is going to be another beautiful day for me." She goes on to explain that, despite people being friendly to her, she felt as though she had no friends.This is due to the fact that, the day before she committed suicide, her friends physically attacked her violently. And don’t give her away to any one.” Following Eylül Cansın's suicide, protests stating that her death was murder by society were held in several Turkish cities like Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Kocaeli.Cisgender refers to a OPINION: Will #Ozgecan Aslan change Turkey?

They say that it is critical that detailed explanations of the death should be avoided, as it often will become a role model for adolescents and young adults, who are the most inclined to depression and suicidal actions.

This didn't stop a number of Twitter users taking to social media with the hashtag "#Ayşegül Terzinin Sesi Olalim" to protest the attack on the grounds Ms Terzi has the right to dress how she pleases.

A man who allegedly kicked a woman in the face for wearing shorts told police he would be “less aroused” if she had worn trousers.

The murdered sex worker became an iconic figure in the LGBTI community after she sat in front of water cannons and anti-riot police officers in June last year as authorities tried to ban a gay pride parade in Istanbul.

Kader was last seen getting into a car with a client in the city's Harbiye district in late July, according to Turkish daily Sabah.

The man then allegedly started to attack the woman, kicking her in the face while apparently screaming “you are a devil!

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