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They still cast much of their work off the stret, and even when commissioned to shoot musicians and actors—they’ve photographed Dev Hynes of Blood Orange, Korean rapper Keith Ape, and Kuoth Wiel, a Sudanese-Ethiopian actress who featured in David O.Russell’s Prada film, More recently, they’ve returned to filmmaking, directing a music video for the folk musician Mereba, titled “Bet.” In grainy, dreamily lit vignettes, it recounts the tragic trajectory of a young gay man in the Caribbean, where queerness remains taboo today.

Maarten at 12, and finally back to the United States to study film at a community college in L. That sense of perpetual outsider-ness attunes them to aspects of marginalized cultures they might not otherwise pick up on, and allows them to see their surroundings with fresh eyes.In his decline, he shot a series of self-portraits showing the ravages the disease wrought on his once- pretty features.These mix residual narcissism with pitiless self-analysis.In the 18th century New York punished sodomy with death.This was later reduced to 14 years’ solitary or hard labour. By the Seventies, it was becoming positively fashion-able, like a ten-speed bike or a breadmaking machine.Meet Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren, a duo that puts your couple selfies to shame.

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