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So, spelling things out in detail was a way CVS felt that could do that.Through my travels and discussions with employees, couponers, coupon clearing houses and even store corporate offices, I have seen and heard of rampant misuse of coupons.I can say that because I have my hands on an internal CVS document — the company's 2014 Wage Management Guidelines — spelling out the pay ranges for different positions and caps on raises.------------FOR THE RECORD: CVS pay policies: A column in the June 27 Business section about pay policies at CVS Caremark misidentified Los Angeles compensation consultant Mark Lipis as Mike Lipis. CVS, which gave its chief executive a 26% raise last year to almost million in total compensation, isn't alone in making sure its rank-and-file workers don't make too much money.------------"If you really think about it, the red-lined employees most likely are the ones that have been around the longest," said one CVS pharmacist who asked that his name be withheld because of fear of retaliation."This is quite the underhanded way to get the older employee base to leave," he said. So-called red lines or red circles are common among U. And this is why, in any discussion of income inequality, we keep reaching the same point — the rich get richer, while everyone else gets table scraps."It's not personal."Would you want to stay somewhere that doesn't give you a raise? It's business," said Mike Lipis, a Los Angeles compensation consultant."There's a point where no matter how good people are, how friendly they are, it doesn't make sense to pay them beyond a certain amount," he said."You're trying to make the most of your limited compensation dollars."That's understandable.

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Soon after Walls began work at that store, he and a pharmacist discovered that more than 20,000 prescription medicines in the pharmacy were past the expiration date printed on the bottle, some as many as four years.

Since many of those bottles were just partially full, Walls became concerned that the pharmacy had been dispensing medicines to customers that were past their expiration date.

Eight months later, Walls raised the issue again at a meeting of district managers.

One week after that, he was transferred to a different CVS store in Nashville.

A proven Regional Operations Manager who has a passion for consistently striving for the best performance in terms of client satisfaction, operational delivery and commercial performance.

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