Jonas la nick and macy dating part 1

Girls often act silly around them (stuttering, giggling, even fainting), but the guys quickly put them at ease.

Even the developing romantic relationships offer a positive example for tweens -- as the girls and guys move slowly from friendship to something more, they communicate their feelings openly, and they always respect each other.

The season was never officially released on DVD, being available only in digital format. is "Live to Party", performed by the Jonas Brothers (as Jonas).

After the season finale, it was announced that the show would not be returning for another season. was the only live-action Disney Channel Original Series, produced by It's a Laugh Productions, not filmed before a live studio audience. They mentioned that they will be working with the Jonas Brothers in the future. The song's lyrics describe the basic premise of the television series – the Jonas' lives in L. The opening sequence shows the main cast members as the Jonas perform a song, with the creator's names appearing in the second-to-last part.

According to the JONAS video game, the store is called Misa's Pieces.

Though not a lot else is known about her family, in A Wasabi Story she mentions she's lived around boys for years, as she has brothers. She claims she doesn't have a favorite member of the band, but likes them all for different things.

" /Despite their celebrity status, the brothers and their parents strive for a "normal" existence at home and school.

She runs a JONAS fansite, and is also the president of the JONAS fanclub, where she brings in "Jonasabilia" for other fans to see, such as sandwich crusts, and toenail clippings.Macy Michelle Misa is a secondary dueteragonist of series and is a self-proclaimed number one JONAS "superfan".She attends Horace Mantis Academy with the boys and Stella.She runs a JONAS fan site, and has to be best at everything in school.Her mother owns a thrift store, which she works in part time some days, as found out in Keeping it Real.The series was originally set in New Jersey, before the setting changed to Los Angeles for the second season and was shot at Hollywood Center Studios, which has also been the home to several other Disney Channel sitcoms over the years including The Suite Life on Deck and Wizards of Waverly Place. Disney Channel has officially announced, in November 2010, that Jonas L. The show's title logo has been redesigned to match the series new theme.

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