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At age 13, Harris met Terry Lewis; an age where having a friend a couple years older than you meant having a mentor, and the two pooled their interests in both pop and R&B to gather inspiration for their own music – at one point, competing in rival bands, with Harris in the Philly-style vocal soul group Mind and Matter and Lewis commandeering a P-Funky mothership in Flyte Tyme.Soon after Lewis badgered Harris into joining the latter group and resuming the keyboard gig he’d put on hold to chase his shot at being a DJ, the group reshaped itself as The Time, caught the attention of Prince, brought Morris Day into the fold, and became one of the pivotal elements in the Minneapolis sound. Band, who they’d taken to writing and producing for under the aegis of Tabu Records exec Clarence Avant.By pretending she didn't speak English, Utada acted her way out of Joe's forceful management and was let go a month after captivity.Utada now refers to that time as "..complicated..." and tries to deal with it through massive milk chugs and drug overdoses.Their pre-debut single Doggedly was released on January 10, 2012, followed by their debut mini-album, Russian Roulette, on February 8, 2012.Their name is a reference to Spica, the brightest star in the constellation of Virgo.Captain Rapp ‘Bad Times (I Can’t Stand It)’ (Saturn, 1983) Listen / Buy Jam and Lewis cut their teeth on the underrated greats of post-disco R&B and boogie funk, with a stint doing songwriting for L. artists like Klymaxx and Dynasty rounding out their early portfolio in 1982. Larry Earl Glenn recorded ‘Bad Times (I Can’t Stand It)’ under the alias Captain Rapp, following up on the recent success of Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five’s ‘The Message’ the previous year with a more explicitly West Coast take on political rap that addressed L. gang culture along with its state-of-the-world despair.[Hook] When you walk away, you don't hear me say "Please, oh baby, don't go." Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight It's hard to let it go [Verse 1] You're giving me too many things lately You're all I need, you smiled at me and said The daily things (like this and that and what is what?

Utada started to splurge on cup noodles, milk, cocaine, and dirty manga.

The Time as they existed on wax were a classic funk band, albeit with enough of a 1000-volt buzz and synthesized sheen that they embodied the genre as it would exist in the forward-looking corners of the ’80s. Prince wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of two of The Time’s key musicians taking side gigs, especially when the kind of light-dusting snowfall Minnesotans barely even shrug at hit the Atlanta airport and brought it to a near-standstill.

But it was a missed flight that steered the Jam/Lewis connection into a more independently successful direction. They couldn’t make the San Antonio stop of Prince’s Tour as a result, and Prince fired them from the very band they’d built. Band started becoming US R&B hits — as did the ones they did for Cherrelle (‘I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On’) and Cheryl Lynn (‘Encore’) and former Flyte Tyme bandmate Alexander O’Neal (‘Innocent’).

Prince might have been the auteur of the Minneapolis Sound, but Jimmy “Jam” Harris and Terry Lewis were its ambassadors: the Gamble & Huff of the 808 and ultimate disprovers of the synthesizer’s alleged soullessness.

Jimmy “Jam” Harris was a second-generation musician out of Minneapolis; his father, pianist James “Cornbread” Harris, played on Augie Garcia’s ‘Hi Yo Silver,’ acknowledged as Minnesota’s first rock ‘n’ roll record and continued to play gigs well into his ’80s.

They worked again with Sweetune, who also produced "Russian Roulette".

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