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It implies a woman is an animal with sharp claws, a deceitful nature and a creature who is sex-starved or over-sexed.

Some related definitions I came across are “cougar-juiced” and “cougar dens”.

It is fair to say we have all seen women who are not the youngest or most beautiful, yet they have timeless sex appeal.

America's Hottest Anchor Women The Dead Pelican - Louisiana's News Underground Know a good midlife or dating link we should include?

Once you have an animal or object labeled, especially as an animal or mythical/fantasy entity, then you have them under control and contained. Now, you can decide what to do with them and you need not treat them with the respect and consideration you would give a human. She is supposed to be an overtly sexual woman over 35 who seeks out men for sex – but doesn’t want commitment, cohabitation or children.

Women have historically been categorized as in generalizations such as the symbolic triumvirate of The Virgin/Saint, The Mother and the (Bad Woman). The term “cougar” implies predation, manipulation, cunning behavior, sneakiness, and attacking.

I will write your dating profile and share the steps for success so you can find the love you dream of online.

It made debut weekend box-office records and surprised people: the new romantic comedy The Proposal.

Many women just put up a profile and go at it which is certainly admirable.

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