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So why, Gibney wonders as his film opens—with thousands of people all over the world leaving flowers and notes “to Steve” outside Apple Stores the day he died, and fans recording weepy, impassioned webcam eulogies, and mourners holding up images of flickering candles on their i Pads as they congregate around makeshift shrines—did Jobs’s death engender such planetary regret? And we’ve somehow attached this emotion [of love, devotion, and a sense of higher purpose] to a business which is just there to make money for its shareholders. Creating that association is probably one of Steve’s greatest accomplishments. It’s no accident that Sorkin tells his story of Jobs through product launches. Barnum incarnate,” says Lee Clow, the advertising executive with whom he collaborated closely. He was always like, ‘I want you to see the Smallest Man in the World!The simple answer is voiced by one of the bereaved, a young boy who looks to be nine or ten, swiveling back and forth in a desk chair in front of his computer: “The thing I’m using now, an i Mac, he made,” the boy says. These were theatrical events—performances—where Jobs made sure to put himself on display as much as he did whatever new thing he was touting. ’ He loved pulling the black velvet cloth off a new product, everything about the showbiz, the marketing, the communications.”People are drawn to magic.For Boyle (and his screenwriter Aaron Sorkin) the answer appears to be “a really, really big one.”Gibney, for his part, has assembled a chorus of former friends, lovers, and employees who back up that assessment, and he is perplexed about it. Why didn’t people sob in the streets when George Eastman or Thomas Edison or Alexander Graham Bell died—especially since these men, unlike Steve Jobs, actually invented the cameras, electric lights, and telephones that became the ubiquitous and essential artifacts of modern life?

And Mc Kenna was instrumental in getting the young scruffy Steves to look like businessmen on that day. Personalities and where the ideas of computers affecting society did not come from Jobs.

But of course, being the obsessive-compulsive type with those pictures of Steve Jobs, I couldn’t help but notice a few things: 1. You can tell that in the picture above; and you can tell that Kutcher used to be a model, too. The version on his desk was using the same type as the Pascal header of the poster (3D letters with the Apple rainbow colors), applied to the IBM motto, THINK.

Basically, I wonder if Kutcher’s very athletic build will be credible as the impersonation of SJ on the big screen. Unfortunately, the production crew of team was one of the co-founders at the West Coast Computer Faire of April 1977: And, for context, two photos from the 1977 faire: Steve Jobs was actually wearing his first suit that day, after the advice of Regis Mc Kenna and Mike Markkula.

The couple required that the adoptive parents be college graduates and such an adoption was arranged, but on the day he was born the couple decided they wanted a girl instead.

He ended up being given to Paul and Clara Jobs, who did not meet the only criteria Joanne and John had given, so they delayed the adoption.

In 1984, Jobs bought the Jacking mansion in Woodside and moved in a few months later.

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