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His playing number, 22, is retired and hangingin the Alexander Memorial Coliseum. There are rumors and there was HT: Even recently with Teri….. I met Terri Hatcher that night at a Cartier party, and we were at the Club Chic. So, one they want to celebrate you, but you gotta understand this country. The difference between this country and Europe, if you are a star in Europe you’re a star, forever. That is the difference that is the problem that I have with professional sports. On the radio what they teach you is theater of the mind. When I wake up in the morning I only have to wash my face once. What you see and hear and understand, you can hear and feel my passion about something, you can see that I am open minded and forward thinking, I am not into the other bullshit. I am not afraid to give my opinions HT: Yeah, you often have very strong opinions which I always found refreshing. We got a steal and I was back, and they knew that I didn’t have a problem putting you on your back or I’d block the shot, and by the time I spun around to block the shot he had took off, and was doing the same dunk he did in 1988 All Star Game, and he said, “Block this bitch”, and I watched his nuts fly over my head and I’m 7 foot tall, and I went back and called my mom and said, I think I just saw the greatest player ever. HT: Would you say the Showtime Lakers were pretty close?

What advice would you give to athletes who worry a plant-based diet won’t sustain their physical needs?

He was the first player in NBA history to play on three different championship-winning franchises. I can build a library, I could all of a sudden come to the inner city Detroit and speak to high schoolers and junior high schoolers, I could have programs like “Say yes to success”, I can have programs like at African schools. They want to write about the bad things, what they think. They are going to show, Terrell Owens and Dennis Rodman are two of the greatest athletes I have ever seen, but all you are going to hear about is end zone dances and the dress Dennis is wearing. JS: I know the Rocket never complained about anybody using steroids. Then Michael came back in, he had a tennis, straight up canvas, flat nikes and sweat pants.

John played college ball with Georgia Tech from 1982-86. That is why they put good stuff in the middle of the paper, because people read the paper from the front and from the back. And since being on The Best Damn Sports Show I have dispelled a lot of things, and I have educated people about their misconceptions. They want athletes, here, to be jocks in their spot. You entertain us, until we are tired of being entertained by you, and we want the next thing. Terrell Owens is one of the best people I have ever known in my life. Because the image of the media is to paint a picture. I think I am a good enough person that you would like me as I am. Because if you a bitch and you afraid and you a punk I don’t care how many steroids you get, you still ain’t gonna have to drive to be great. He tied ‘em tighter, he had on small socks, and he switched sides.

He finished his basketball career as number four on the Pistons’ all-time shot blocking list (709) andnumber three ‘on Miami’s list (233). But as far as being around women that everyone finds attractive, I find them attractive. Well why did we have a conversation about baseball players. What if a guy on Broadway was doing steroids or doing cocaine, would you care? He is playing a character because he says what some people want to hear. HT: So you’re not a believer in any publicity is good publicity? You guys tackle so many different topics every night, but you are able to fill us in on how it really is outside of the Arena, or the locker room for the athletes. You can look at it this way, and say, ah remember that time when Isaiah was playing and he broke his ankle against the Lakers in 1988. I remember in the locker room, him taping it up and taking two advils, and saying my foot doesn’t hurt, and then playing the second half and scoring 41 points. I was gone for a year, but the coach there, Maljkovic, who was also Toni Kukoc’s coach. JS: Right now you have to tell people I played basketball.

Interested in television and entertainment for a long time, Salley is no stranger to Hollywood. Chuck would tell you what was coming, why it was coming and treat you like a man. Then I remember coming in the locker room and the ankle was the size of his calf. He told me, this is when I knew it was time to leave Greece, he said “If Michael Jordan played in Greece he would only average 16 points a game.” I had to ask the guy was he on drugs! JS: Oh, Sugar-Ray Richardson, Michael “Sugar-Ray” Richardson. HT: And a good teammate JS: Always a good teammate. The difference with a lot of guys is that they don’t re-invent themselves. Players like Troy Aikman and Terry Bradshaw re-invented themselves. I had my talk show, I was on Inside Stuff from 1989 until I retired. HT: Yeah, but I’m talking about he was a so-so starter at best, and suddenly he was so dominant. He didn’t do any steroids this year and he was a great this season. JS: Well, he is breaking it down because that is what the body does.

He does so at a time when the lifestyle’s gaining powerful advocates in Bill Clinton and Serena Williams.

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