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Thanks in advance to anyone who can help; I have no idea what the problem is and this is driving me crazy! -J Private Sub Generate TMC() Dim str Client As String = F4Client Name. Replace(" ", "_") 'create new table Dim sql Create As String Dim obj Cmd As New Ole Db Command Dim conn As New System. Before I insert the booking, I need to check if a booking already exists for that time period, and if it does stop the user from being able to book at that time.I have writ相关推荐:sql - Cannot insert into MS Access database from VB. I am needing to update a database Access2007, with a Data Table where I have done Adding Rows, Modifying Rows, and Deleting rows. How can I update my database from a Data Table, using 2010 and a database Access 2007? I know update the data Table, but when I try to update the Data Base, I know that I am missing something. Update(Data Table)." id="ctl00_m_m_i_ctl00_gr_ctl07_bestanswerbody" class="textarea-bestanswerhidden" name="bestanswerbody" answerbody Id="5367784" / You have to add commandbuilder to your code. But each thing will happen, before the data is stored in the database. We have a list of books wrote on the paper, and we want to add a couple of books more, but later we discovered that one book is not needed, and 2 seconds later, we see that the name of a book, is wrong, spell mistakes.Get Changes() If changes Is Not Nothing Then Data Adapter. I need to store a data table, that will get adding rows, deleting rows, and rows modified.

NET) SQL query to a MS Access database using an INSERT INTO statement.

Close() 'modifying the dataset; all of this stuff works conn. Thank you for your input though, I really appreciate the effort!

I should add a couple of things that may be relevant. I am using Ole DB and the tables are in a Microsoft Access database. It successfully connects to the database in order to fill the datasets and create the new table, so I guess it must be working.

- No errors, but I check the tables in the database after the procedure is complete and they are not updated. Open() obj Cmd = New Ole Db Command(sql Create, conn) obj Cmd. Close() 'create dataset, data adapter Dim ds As New Data Set Dim ds New Row As Data Row conn.

Not sure if it is relevant, but only one of the tables (the one that is initially empty) is modified during this procedure.

Resume Layout(False) End Sub #End Region Private Sub Form1_Load(By Val sender As System. Select Command = Sql Command1 ' Create Sql Command Builder object cb = New Sql Command Builder(da) ' Fill Dataset da.

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