Therapist dating clients

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But up until four months before the relationship began, Fjellman had been Lundeen's massage-therapy client—and in Minnesota, where both live and where Lundeen practices, a therapist must wait two years before engaging in an intimate relationship with a former client.

Although specifics vary from state to state, 19 states have sexual exploitation laws forbidding therapists from engaging in sexual contact with clients.

Even though in the movie , Joseph Gordon-Levitt appears to find care, comfort, and I-don’t-know-what-else in the arms of his intern therapist (I don’t know because I walked out of the movie), your therapist is neither your caretaker nor your best friend.

If Hollywood is an indicator of our most common fantasies, modern Americans want to sleep with their therapists.

I am horrified that so many television shows and movies depict romantic relationships between therapists and clients as though they were perfectly normal!

You’ve met with your therapist once a week for a year or more.

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