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century do not command the same price as handcrafted antique mirrors from the 1800s and earlier.So, zeroing in on the time your mirror was made will be the first step in determining its value.Glass mirrors first began to be used in British homes in the mid 1600s.The earliest mirrors were small, as glass was expensive.There are plenty of new mirrors available on the market, but there is something rather charming about an antique mirror and as there is such a wide variety of styles to choose from it means you are able to find one to suit your needs whilst respecting the environment.The age of the mirror glass can largely affect the value of the mirror, if it is colourless it will be an indication of modern glass, also if it is replacement glass it will impact how valuable your piece is.If the screw has irregular spirals, it was handmade and most likely original to that piece.Often, a homemade screw will also have an off-center head.

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Antique mirrors, like any other collectible, vary in value.Chris Bradford, General Manager at Windsor House Antiques, has been in the antique business for over forty years and specialises in 18th C and 19th C mirrors, below is his top tips to consider when looking at acquiring an antique mirror.Our resident interior designer, Lizzie Greenaway, suggests five useful points below to consider when purchasing and placing an antique mirror within your home, ensuring it is used and admired to its full advantage.Browse through Online Galleries’ large collection of old antique mirrors for sale from reputable dealers.We showcase a vast amount of stock, including wall mirrors, vanity mirrors and dresser mirrors.If you have a veneer frame, look for thick irregular layers.

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