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Feel free to add any Pinoy or Pinay singers missing from this list.

Agot Isidro is a recording artist, actress, host, and TV personality in the Philippines.

=============================================================================== Pagdating ng Panahon - Aiza Suegerra -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: stephanie_7368 Email: [email protected]: x - hammer-on *ARRANGED FOR SOLO PLAYING NOTES: MEASURE 1, 1st CHORD: - E po ung chord tas idagdag n lng po ung '2nd fret, 3rd string' pra sa pull-off gmit ang hinliliit.

MEASURE 1, 2nd CHORD: - maintain po ang pagkakapindot sa '3rd fret, 5th string' hanggang sa tapos ng 2nd measure para masustain ung sound.

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