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Peer pressure is not always negative, but it is the negative peer pressure that young people struggle with on a daily basis.Assembly and Awards Being a Good Listener Catching the School Bus Dealing with Mistakes Sports Carnival We take turns to talk and listen When I'm angry When it's noisy by Autism Understanding Piano Lessons Train Etiquette by Trans Perth: Social Nursery Rhymes Train Etiquette Comics by Transperth Sci Show: Why do we laugh?We sat down and had what I thought was a pretty thorough discussion and all was well. Oddly, she had actually agreed to go on the date with him, even though she didn’t know his name.Then one day she came home and said another boy had asked her out on a date! Clearly, we had much more work to do on the subject. Acceptable behavior from a 4-year-old is no longer acceptable in a 14-year-old.) Basics: Left and Right Mathematics: Times Tables songs Practice Makes Perfect and everyone makes mistakes when they're learning: Rollerskating (Classic Sesame Street), Surfing (Clay Marzo), Cartwheels (Crawford's Corner), Stacking Blocks (Dibo the Gift Dragon) Fist to Five Check (Self-reflection - How much help do I need?- Can be used with the whole class) Career Planning: Future You (Monash University online questionnaire to assist with choosing tertiary courses) Dating: New York Dating Coach: Job interview body language Do you understand the theories in the social skills videos, but not know how to get started using these skills?

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Drama classes – Article: Special Needs Students Find Their Voices On Stage How to Order a Pizza Using a Script – pdf worksheet Martial Arts Classes Help Autistic Kids Gain Confidence, Strength – article Special Olympics – find your county chapter Suggestions for Teen Friendly Events – from One Place for Special Needs Summer Camp Resources (including overnight camps for diaabled adults) Where to find Limited Sensory Movies Young Life Capernaum Ministries – Christian social and recreational opportunity Resources for and about girls and women on the autism spectrum Resources Regarding Parents on the Spectrum and Their Children Sesame Street and Autism – see amazing in all children Special Playdate – playmate finder for ages 1-25 years Sit with Us – App designed by teenager Natalie Hampton to help kids find people to sit with at lunch Successful, Well-Known Adults on the Spectrum “Temple Grandin” – movie about Temple Grandin’s life and struggles with social skills Temple Grandin responds to questions from individuals on the spectrum Video Game Resources – including “addiction” solutions and information about employment What I Wish I Could Tell People about my Experience on the Spectrum – article by Emily Klein What Youth Need to Know if they are Questioned by Police – from PACER Center Don’t forget about other summer recreation opportunities like sports programs, art classes, etc.

If it appears that your child is not ready to learn about human sexuality, don’t assume they are unable to understand its concepts.

The problem may lie elsewhere – with sensory and/or communication problems.

For an overview of social stories, please see "Introduction to Social Stories".

Social Stories are not just for younger students; they can be useful for all ages, including teenagers.

If your child has difficulty learning new information or gaining new skills (regardless of the subject matter), then you probably need to address sensory and communication issues first.

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