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It's a pathetic world, people finding joy in others sadness...

He wants a women who is VERY ATTRACTIVE then says he wants someone who wants "Me who I am For". They want VERY ATTRACTIVE or they'll be about 50 years old who post looking for a women 18-25. They understand (sometimes) their own short comings or faults yet (Like this guy) He wants VERY ATTRACTIVE, Dresses well. Don't they get it, Their dream women is a Barbie Doll who wants them for who they are'. It's just a guy who probably doesn't have a very easy life (how much can you earn mowing lawn exactly?? For the little I've heard, he talked of dinner and flower, it was kinda naive and cute. If I had to go ask for it on the web I would ask for melrose bickerstaff, it always better to ask for the top at first, then you negotiate..

It's is a really sad video and I think very unnecessary. You can tell he's an emotional wreck and just needs some love.

Who hasn't had trouble finding a good person to spend their life with?

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To those that think this guy is pathetic, please examine yourself to see why you may receive some sort of joy demeaning this person.

Wanis received the ranking of "A Grade Journalist" (the highest industry grading possible) from the Australian Journalists Association.

In 1990, Radio 3AK was sold to businessman Peter Corso who sacked most of its workforce in preparation to relaunch 3AK as Australia's first commercial Italian-language radio station.

Great to see compassionate, understanding, accepting people on here making comments.

I have a feeling if this vid is on youtube, there've probably been some mean things said about this guy.

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