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She went on to say that she faked an orgasm during the phone conversation- again, a move she said was intended to please him and keep him from switching into 'Mr Hyde'.Throughout the trial, she claimed that he was temperamental and had extreme mood swings.All Programs are available from the Law Library Koren/AV Center, 5th Floor. P Personal and cross examination of a director of medical records of a hospital to lay foundation for the admission of plaintiff's medical file as a business record. Most videotape programs circulate for 3 days on a first come first serve basis. I particularly missed the vignettes with real kids doing real-life things and the multi-cultural emphasis of the old Sesame Street — the Spanish language segments were nowhere to be found.Perhaps two episodes in is too early to judge and my lens is tinted with nostalgia for the Sesame Street I grew up with, but I can't say I'm thrilled with the new show.Recreated with key participants from actual cases, they show both exemplary and flawed practices. C35 1976 Recreates the original trial which became the United States Supreme Court's key statement on the Sixth Amendment and the use of a witness's prior statement as substantive evidence. E35 C659 1979 A recreation of the testimony of the Commonwealth's medical expert in the notorious abortion trial. P46 1979 Recreates attorney Charles Garry's early and seminal diminished capacity defense in a first degree murder case. P47 1990 Addresses the two components of effective expert testimony; (1) the requirements, or legal foundation, which entitles lawyers to present expert testimony; and (2) making that testimony interesting and understandable to the trier of fact, whether judge or jury. For a listing of Interactive Video Programs, please click here. The original defense and prosecuting attorneys, William Homans and Newman Flanagan, question the expert to establish whether the "subject" was ever alive outside the murder. M43 1995 Panel presentation presented in Atlanta, Georgia on March 16, 1995 on the right to a fair trial versus the rights of a free press. Features direct and cross-examination of expert witness, sidebar conference, and judge's caution to jury.

Ben: Look, it's like Mucko Polo says, if you try hard enough, you can always find something to be grouchy about.

And sure, they upgraded Oscar from a trash can to recycling, but it could have been worse.

The ultimate yuppie muppet probably lives in an organic compost bin.

Cross-examination becomes tangled in the use of treatises to impeach the witness. T A fictionalized account of a war crimes trial of four eminent Nazi judges at Nuremberg, Germany after World War II.

Produced and directed by Stanley Kramer; written by Abby Mann.

Dan: I noticed the upgraded production and musical numbers too, but both my wife and I missed the old format.

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