Updating virus protection software


You can use Live Update to automatically update your protection.

When Live Update runs, it downloads and installs available definitions.

They are the same updates that you are already getting when you update them manually. BOClean scans automatically constantly so all you need to do it update it like you have been doing. Roddy32: This is an OT question; I have checked at the top of the CNET forum page to remember me on my computer but 9 out of 10 times I am asked to login again to the website.

I don't know what the Comodo Boclean 4.25 really does; never seen it scan anything but I do check it for updates daily.Anti-Virus software have become an integral part of Network Security.People who write malicious code are well aware of the Operating System lapses of your network computers.One of the most common reasons that problems occur is that virus definition files are not up-to-date.Symantec regularly supplies the updated virus definition files that contain the necessary information about all newly discovered viruses and threats.This page explains how updates work and where to get them.

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