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We support a drug-free workplace - all applicants offered a position are required to pass a pre-employment drug test before they are hired.In addition, offers of employment are conditioned upon the successful completion of a criminal background screening, prior employment, education and license verification and possibly ergonomic testing based on position.Yet even this level of spending fails to dent the school's coffers, which grow by hundreds of millions of dollars a year, thanks to steady dividends from its main patron, the Hershey chocolate company, and investment gains in its portfolio.

They shared an interest in site-specificity in art.Behind the fish’s prominent lips are canine teeth used to pluck food from reefs.With a .5 billion endowment, Milton Hershey’s boarding school for poor children has more money than Penn, but expends a fraction of its assets each year, albeit lavishly, on its small enrollment.The Hershey School's answer: Expend only a tiny fraction of the charity's assets each year and do it lavishly on 2,000 students.SOURCES: Hershey School federal tax return, the Hershey Co., internal documents NOTE: The amount spent on educational programs was 1.5% of assets, or 2.7 million.Wrasse pectoral fins work like oars, pushing the water backward in a powerful stroke that thrusts the fish forward.

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