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It's all here in this parody of the 60's TV series, Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, and Chief O'Hara along with a trio of arch-villains, Joker, Catwoman, and the Riddler.There's even the obligatory celebrity poking his head out a window as the Dynamic Duo scale the side of a building.

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"Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed", the bat-mobile roars out of the bat-cave and the familiar animated titles roll.But this is a porn parody, so there's also lots of hostage-on-villain, villain-on-crimefighter, and crimefighter-on-crimefighter sex. Look at our language: rude, inconsiderate people are "assholes" and uptight stress cases are "tightasses." While it's true that we carry a phenomenal amount of our stress in our assholes, there's tremendous pleasure to be experienced from the concentration of nerve endings clustered in and around the anus. There's a wealth of muscles and nerve endings around the anus, and the right kind of touch can feel fantastic.nude in erotic odalisque gallery - 15 - Slim hot chick fucked and filled with cum 4 - Check out this slut banging herself and then using a toy.15 - Jug fuckers ~ when the tit and the jizz combine, you get 16 - Latina Fuck Page 15 - Tan hottie teases with her huge naturals 4 - Big boobed boss pounded hard-Big Tits 18 - Carla a.The problem with porn's shallow perspective is that relationships are not built on sex, but on commitment, caring and mutual trust.

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