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Second, here's your architecture as I understand it: SQL1 is the publisher SQL2 is the distributor and is a subscriber SQL3 is a subscriber All replication is transactional replication, and it's all one-way (transactions are going from SQL1 to SQL2 and SQL3).

The error you're getting occurs when the updates to the publication are being applied at the subscriber simultaneously with an update from your web client. Since you're working with immediate updating subscriptions, select data from SQL2/SQL3 and update only to SQL1. That way your replication isn't stepping on your updates.2. If your architecture is the way it is because you have some data that is largely static on SQL1 and is published to 2 and 3, and the updates on 2 and 3 are to a different set of tables, then partition the data into a database that gets published out for the static tables and a database that is updated for the ones that change.

I want to know if in a transactional push replication with updatable subscribers, a commit is only done when all subscribers have succeeded to make it, or if it only guarantees the correct commit in the publisher and the subscriber that generated the change in the database.

SQL1 is a publisher, running NT4sp6a/SQL7Sp1, publishing two tables - call them pub1 and pub2 SQL2 is a distributor for SQL1's publications SQL2 is also a subscriber to the publications pub1 and pub2 on SQL1 SQL3 is a subscriber to the publications pub1 and pub2 on SQL1Transactional Replication with Immediate Updating Subscribers is used to replicate pub1/pub2 to SQL2 Transactional Replication with Immediate Updating Subscribers is used to replicate pub1/pub2 to SQL3When updating records from SQL2 or 3, we intermittantly get the following error that doesn't clear until we stop and restart the synchronisation on the db affected (Client is a web server running IIS4 utilising ASP/ADO (and Select/Updates) to modify data in the database)The SQL error we're seeing is: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e14'[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Updatable Subscribers: Rows do not match between Publisher and Subscriber.

id=2504.) When you create an identity column, you can specify a start value called a seed and an increment value called an increment. There are three caveats associated with identity columns: You can use any real number as a seed or increment; positive and negative numbers are valid, but fractional, decimal or imaginary numbers are not.

DBAs face several problems when replicating columns that contain the identity property.

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First of all, I must admit that this is a cross-post as I'm running out of time to get this issue resolved and need as much assistance as I can get.

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