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Eagle has many of the same characteristics as Tirico.Alan Richard Michaels (born November 12, 1944) is an American television sportscaster.He played baseball at Alexander Hamilton High School.His first job in the entertainment business was finding girls to be on 'The Dating Game.' He married Linda Anne Stamaton on August 27, 1966 and together, they had two children.An actor will desperately fight being typecast by his or her defining role.A band that makes it big with a major hit single will try to reinvent its sound.ET on Saturday night, setting the scene for the Cardinals-Packers divisional playoff game. I don’t like to travel but that is part of the deal. It will be a huge hire and there is no one in-house who is a logical successor.Over the next 3 1/2 hours, in a playoff game for the ages, Michaels did what he does every week during the pro football season: perform NFL play-by-play better than anyone currently working, and arguably better than anyone in history. It’s a job neither Tom Hammond nor Dan Hicks, who have called NFL games for NBC, will likely be offered.

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The familiar voice of Al Michaels hit NBC’s airwaves at p.m. 1 is health, and knock on wood, I have stayed healthy. I have been a sports fan since I was six years old. I love competition at the highest level in any sport, which is what the NFL is. When a game is really good I am still excited as I ever was.” Michaels is signed through the end of 2017 so he’s not going anywhere soon. But the reality is there will come a day in the not-too-distant future when NBC Sports executives must think seriously about a replacement for Michaels for the S package, the most important program for the entire NBC network.

She's been posting various photos on social media wearing Gronk's jersey -- and attending Patriots games in various cities (she's currently in Houston) ...

Baseball, Olympics, and Monday Night Football sportscaster; famously said 'Do You Believe In Miracles' during Team USA's historic 1980 Olympics hockey victory.

He would not come cheap, nor am I sure he’d ever leave ESPN, but he represents the most logical successor given his age (49) and experience.

He and Cris Collinsworth would be a great fit together.

He and Dennis Miller both hosted Monday Night Football games on ABC.

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