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People can also use our back room to make phone calls, breastfeed, or for peer-to-peer support.

On top of our drop-in services and volunteer opportunities, the WRC establishes a safe(r) space for a community of people and ideas to recognize and challenge gender inequities.

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The Women’s Resource Centre at the University of Ottawa is an inclusive, non-judgmental, pro-choice, feminist drop-in space that supports community members (women, trans* folk and men) who want to work together to challenge gender oppression on campus and in our communities.

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Recipients of ODSP and OW can receive free transportation to and from the hospital.

During business hours they must contact their personal case worker, after hours they go through the City of Ottawa 311 number. Will provide free bus tickets for youth 16-19 wanting to return home (i.e.

What was supposed to be an exploration of the science of sex designed by the Montreal Science Centre with the help of scientists, doctors, teachers and public health educators, quickly became a controversy.

Some didn’t like the vivid details and the frank tone of the displays discussing such topics as masturbation and orgasm.

Despite touring Montreal and Regina without controversy, the exhibition’s organizers recently agreed to raise the age of admission from 12 to 16, and to remove a video that dealt with masturbation.

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