Union label dating


If the label is granted to such a firm, it may not be placed on any of the disapproved Chinese, scab or tenement house cigars. The photo (left) is of a 30 year old xerox copy of this very rare stamp.It was forbidden to use the label in any factory which paid less than per thousand to its rollers, or on any cigars sold for less than per thousand (2¢ each). prohibited the blue label to be used on cigars made in whole or in part by machinery (which at first included moulds). Stamps, stickers and labels have been found for a half dozen other stogie, cigar and tobacco worker unions, but none were used as often and as long as CMIU Blue Labels, and aren’t especially useful for dating.For colour cosmetics, such as make-up and lipstick, which come in a range of shades, all of the colours used in the product range are listed together at the end of the list preceded by the "may contain" symbol which is a simple " /-".

One of the more controversial, some say short-sighted, decisions by the C. Because the label underwent frequent changes, it can be an outstanding tool for dating cigar boxes more precisely than is possible with US tax stamps. Perkins began signing a Union Stogie Makers stamp in 1915 after the merger of the C. A few disgruntled, suspended, and expelled members of the CMIU of A, coupled with the assistance of several unscrupulous manu-facturers is what this fake affair is composed of... Among his small number of dreamers whom he is scheming to use are several who were fined and expelled for working under the bill and general crooked work.The earliest we have seen the whole word used is 1892.Copyright reserved—after 1876 a legal term used on English wares. 1960-1970 The glaze will not develop fine lines or cracks with normal wear.Some caution is suggested, however, as these “Blue Labels” were not legally required by the government or the Union so older issues were sometimes used for a year or two after new ones were available. One object is to sell their output to unfair dealers who will surely purchase for there is no limit to the selling price neither is there any law covering the amount of hours of labor..present less than 25 cigarmakers are employed under its banner...” The stamp is close to the CMIU stamp in size, intended to be pasted in such a way that the red seal would be hidden under the box.The stamps were also issued in pink, with a b/w seal, and slightly different wording. refused to recognize the label as legitimately representing union made goods, claiming the Knights allowed scab labor to use the label.The Union label was furnished free to all strictly Union shops, to be placed on cigars made by Union members.

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