Updating unlocked iphone 3g


Launch redsn0w 0.9.6b5 ( for windows seven use compatibility mode to windows xp ) and select the ipsw firmware 4.2.1 file and wait for redsn0w to identify the firmware.

Find out more about unlocking your i Phone 3G for free below.

So for those of you that have to worry about new bootroms (i Boot), new bootloaders, et cetera, I am most likely not on the same upgrade path as you.

I also do not have the ability to purchase an i Phone for every possible permutation of upgrade path out there to document it.

If you choose to use either your network, or a third party provider, don’t forget to tell us how you found the service in the comments section, as this helps others select a service in the future.

Unlock the i Phone 3G yourself for free If you have an i Phone 3G it is pretty easy to unlock for free.

From the next options list, select Install Cydia and Install i Pad baseband options and click next.

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