Main file updating failed operation canceled main file integrity


Any fix that the Update Installer attempts to install or uninstall is referred to as a "maintenance pack".During the process of installing a maintenance pack, the Update Installer might modify existing product files, or it might delete existing product files then replace the deleted files with new ones.The Update Installer utility might report a failure while installing or uninstalling a maintenance pack on a Web Sphere Application Server product.

The Web Sphere Application Server Update Installer utility is responsible for installing and uninstalling fix packs and interim fixes on Web Sphere Application Server V7.0, V6.1, and V6.0 products.Hard disk and file system errors can result from a variety of problems, such as hardware failures, power outages, poor system maintenance, viruses, and human error.When troubleshooting problems related to disks and file systems, refer to this chapter for information about troubleshooting tools, volume and disk error conditions, viruses, and stop messages.If you have Win RATS 6.0, download Win RATS_600_602If you have Win RATS 6.01, you have one of two possible executable files.One is dated August 24, 2004, the other is dated August 26, 2004.This page provides links to free, downloadable patch utilities you can use to update from Version 6.0 or 6.01 of Win RATS or Win RATS Professional to Version 6.02b.

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