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A few days ago, the internet, especially the Black quarters were aflame with disbelief and WTFness at the news that, yes, Sanaa Lathan was indeed dating Karim Kharbouch, aka French Montana. The jokes only flew from there with people questioning why such a refined, educated, well-to-do woman would date such an opposites attract specimen in Mr. I don’t know much about French Montana aside from his penchant for recycling dope hip-hop songs from yesteryear and turning them into new-age hits, but he does have a good ear for beats. Puffy clearly knows a thing or two about recycling. Point is, I don’t know if French is a good guy or a bad one.

Women feel the EXACT opposite on a first date when she finds out she has to pay for her half of the festivities. I think in my mind, I view her as some sort of woman of scholarly works who walks on rose petals as a rule and would only date somebody that I think highly of, or at least not somebody that would make me question how in the hell it happened. Pretty doesn’t make anybody worthy of shit more than anybody else. Is her background one that makes it seem like she’d date a lawyer or a doctor, etc? But it turns out she likes French’s Montana and that’s okay. Maybe all that stuff women claim to want from men, he does for her.

To enable cookies, follow the instructions for your browser below.The simplest approach to avoid this problem is to continue to use the Facebook app but not use the in-app browser.In his first three weeks in power, Trump has made himself deeply unpopular in Mexico by saying he will move ahead with the construction of a controversial wall on the border between the two countries.Oh, and fellas, if you intend to go splitsies on this date as so many men seem to be doing nowadays, as Teedra Moses said on her landmark work, (a work that I’d bet money Sanaa is familiar with), specifically the song “You Better Tell her”, well “…you better tell her…” Women HATE the dutch surprise date ending. It was the same type of joke that Chris Rock made about Jermaine Dupri dating Janet Jackson, as if Jermaine Dupri was some poor man’s, budget-boyfriend that somehow slid in Janet’s DMs (or would have if Instagram and Twitter were a thing back then) while the rest of the available, and more suitable populace of men, collectively blinked. My opinion of her plummeted like that apple that hit Newton.You know how men like happy endings at the massage parlor (or so I’ve heard)? While I know nothing about French Montana, I have to realize that, you know what, I don’t really know anything about Sanaa Lathan, either. I think – based on her movies mostly – that she’s this seminal woman and thinker with so much to offer who is above…something. Then I took a step back…I didn’t then and don’t know a damn thing about Lauren London. She’s just pretty so I assumed she was above dating men with gold teeth in their mouth on purpose. But then every so often you read an interview where these women tell you about the kinds of men they want and you realize, either they want to live out some hood fantasy, or maybe, just maybe, they ain’t above any of this shit.I don’t know if his rap persona is a charade (most likely) and behind closed doors he’s a real sweetheart.

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