Dating a weaver scope


In this article you will see "it appears", "I believe", ' I have found" there is very little documented information available for these models, some general, but nothing in that the depth that this article contains.I did, and the UTG mounts fit well, though I will say that the Hatsan base is at the wide end of acceptable width.But I think I see what the reader has heard about, and I want to share it with you.7/28/2010 By the turn of the 20th century the riflescope was not entirely unheard of in both target shooting and hunting. In addition to the Winchester and Stevens scopes, those made in the United States by J. It’s likely that Noske scopes were considered the best of the domestics in the 1930s. S., but the scopes were expensive and didn’t catch on with the American market. Fecker employed a man by the name of John Unertl, who in 1934 started his own scope company.

Drilling and tapping of the receiver should be done by a qualified gunsmith, and if not done properly, will void your warranty. For assistance finding a reputable gunsmith, talk with a dealer near you.This will prepare the shotgun for cycling light trap or hunting loads.After break-in, the minimum load your Stoeger Industries semi-auto shotgun will cycle reliably is an 11/8 ounce and 3 drams of powder.Gather as much information as you can about the malfunction.For example, note exactly what load you were shooting, and whether the malfunction was sporadic or consistent (for example: always the third shot).There are some shooters who feel that all mounts must look attractive and squared away or they don’t fit right.

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