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We have a limited supply of the out-of-print books titled "Selected Preforms, Points and Knives of the North American Indians" written by Greg Perino, who was considered by many to be "The Master" in the artifact authenticating world.

Eruption to the surface, where pressure is low, permits rapid escape of this volatile water and increases the (smooth curved surfaces and sharp edges), the sharpest stone artifacts were fashioned from obsidian.In addition, as the artifact collector and the archaeologist begin to share more methods and disciplines, the collaboration between the two communities can continue to mature.The process of authentication involves a wide variety of steps that are intimately linked and completely interde­pendent.In addition, a number of traditional techniques are revis­ited and discussed within the greater framework of the We would like to begin by thanking Tommy Beutell who was kind enough to loan us a few of his artifacts by Mark Rasmussen, Stillwater, Minnesota and Thomas Amble, St.Paul, Minnesota to demonstrate some of the techniques and provide a basis for discussion in this article.Because of its metal composition, brass is a very grounding metal that will help you cope with and solve your problems.

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