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by Eadweard Muybridge (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania, 1887)Collotype from dry-collodion-on-glass negative. Museum purchase, Emmett Solomon Memorial Fund.1992.39 In the example pictured below, Dr.

I remember Kirazli in the Spring, when the first of the cherry trees burst into blossom and the last of the snows on Gul Dag caught the pale pink of their blush and glowed too; in the sunset, in the dawn, in the waking warmth of a high speed spring after a hard fast winter of soba smoke and cold hands in the olive groves.

But as the temperatures soared here last week it made me realise that the closest ocean is hours away.

I only have a few more weeks left on my Schengen Visa and even though I am adoring Berlin, I’m feeling like I should be making more use of my time here in Europe especially during the summer.

Slowly she would meander along and the goats trailing behind her would stand on their back legs to reach the highest, sweetest, newest buds on the branches, hovering stilt legged and precarious.

I saw a gold statue once of a goat doing the same thing, a gorgeous thing of black and shining metal on copper with lapis lazuli and shell.

The entrance fee is €20 and it’s about 35 mins by cab from the airport.[Oia, Santorini]We love Oia!

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