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The study was designed to look at four topics: the nutritional quality of foods offered, the amount of physical activity, the amount of sedentary activity and the ways that child care centers and family day care homes can improve their performance on these metrics. "Good nutrition is a key to proper childhood development, but not enough is known about the food children are eating in child care and related programs," the document reads.

Among other things, the study would involve a child food diary to be completed by parents, a standing height and weight form to be collected by study staff, an infant food intake form and a parent interview.

So is Michelle Obama really mandating the weighing of children in day care? Michelle Obama was a high-profile supporter of the measure -- she .

The law included a provision (section 223) for a Study on Nutrition and Wellness Quality in Childcare Settings, or SNAQCS. Department of Agriculture released on the proposed study, along with a request for public comments.

Among other things, these orders authorize research and promotion of commodities, establish minimum quality standards, and sometimes limit supply through volume controls.

In practical terms, an industry uses the power and force of the government to compel everyone affected by the specific order to abide by the order’s legally enforceable regulations.

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But it’s not -- it’s a study of a limited number of day care centers and students.This summer isn’t the first time marketing orders have resulted in swaths of wasted tart cherries.In 2009, 30 million pounds of cherries rotted on the ground, which is allegedly “enough to serve a cherry pie to every resident of Michigan, with 5 million pies left over.” The 30 million pounds of tart cherries restricted from that year constituted 65 percent of the market.In the US, attending school through the twelfth grade, driving on the right side of the road, and obtaining a social security number are all mandatory. A mandatory action is something that is required, obligatory, or compulsory.Like letting your Great Aunt Edna pinch your cheeks or passing gym to get your diploma. If you want to compete with the swim team at school, weeknight practices are mandatory, meaning you have to go, though the Saturday dawn swim practice remains optional, meaning it's up to you.By that action, it extended until 31 March 2014, the mandate of the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) and created, on an exceptional basis, a specialized “intervention brigade” within the operation’s existing 19,815‑strong force.

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